Data Freedom: Extensions manual.

'convert PIM data between applications'

Neil Williams

Release: 0.2.0

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Table of Contents

Data Freedom Extensions Manual
1. QSF: The XML format used by Pilot-QOF
2. XSL stylesheets.
3. Localisation (l10n) and customisation of stylesheet output.
4. Redirection, scripts and backups.
5. How QOF relates to pilot-link.
6. Palm Default Currency Table
7. Converting PIM data with Perl
7.1. Invoice calculation scripts

List of Figures

4.1. Using dfexport-all, zenity-invoice and dates with gnucash

List of Tables

6.1. Palm Default Currency Table

List of Examples

2.1. Chunked, brief, vcard output
2.2. Chunked, expanded, vcard output
2.3. Unchunked, single file, dlume output
2.4. Unchunked dlume output appended to existing content
2.5. Unchunked, single file, iCalendar output
2.6. Chunked, HTML invoice output
2.7. Non-chunked calcurse appointment file
2.8. Non-chunked calcurse todo file
2.9. Non-chunked vToDo output
2.10. Palm Expenses XML to GPE Expenses XML
2.11. GPE Expenses XML to Palm Expenses XML
3.1. Using XSL to create vcard output from a QSF XML file
3.2. Using XSL to create invoices by collating data
3.3. Customising invoice rates
3.4. Customising invoice currency.
4.1. Using stylesheets in scripts of your own
4.2. Using dfexport-all and zenity-invoice with gnucash to create invoices
4.3. Redirection from a QSF XML file.
4.4. Redirection from a HotSync - use with caution.
7.1. Creating plain text invoices with perl
7.2. Creating invoices in a Gnome dialogue box
7.3. Setting the date of the invoice as an option.
7.4. Creating plain text mileage summaries
7.5. Example script for GUI panel applets