Chapter 1. QSF: The XML format used by Pilot-QOF

Query Object Framework Serialisation Format

What is QSF?  QSF - QOF Serialization Format - lays out a QOF object in a series of XML tags. The format consists of two component formats:

QSF object files will contain user data and are to be exported from QOF applications under user control or they can be hand-edited. QSF maps contain application data and can be created by application developers from application source code. Tools may be created later to generate maps interactively but maps require application support as well as an understanding of QOF objects in the import and output applications and are intended to remain within the scope of application developers rather than users.

A QSF file written by one QOF application will need an appropriate QSF map before the data can be accessed by a different application using QOF. Any QSF objects that are not defined in the map will be ignored. QSF files written and accessed by the same application can use maps if necessary or can simply import the QSF data as a whole.