QofDateBook Struct Reference
[Datebooks and Appointments]

Detailed Description

Wraps QOF around the libpisock object.

Definition at line 67 of file qof-datebook.c.

Data Fields

QofInstance inst
Appointment_t wrap
gchar * category
gboolean repeater
 Repeat appointment marker.

Field Documentation

gboolean QofDateBook::repeater

Repeat appointment marker.

Set to TRUE if this is a transient instance created from the repeat data of another instance. This is done to make it easier to query repeat appointments. Sufficient transient repeaters are created to fill the time between start_time and repeat_end, up to a maximum of a year and a day - exceptions in the original appointment are not created. Unlike qof_instance_gemini, the repeater is created in the SAME book as the original. Repeater entities are ignored when packing a book into a Palm database.

Definition at line 72 of file qof-datebook.c.

Referenced by datebook_check_repeater(), datebook_create(), datebook_pack(), datebook_set_repeater(), and datebook_unpack().

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