qof-datebook.c File Reference

Detailed Description

QOF datebook definitions for pilot-link.

Copyright (c) 2004,2006 Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk>

Definition in file qof-datebook.c.

#include "config.h"
#include <glib.h>
#include <glib/gprintf.h>
#include <qof.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "pi-datebook.h"
#include "qof-main.h"
#include "pilot-qof.h"
#include "qof-datebook.h"

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Data Structures

struct  QofDateBook


#define _GNU_SOURCE
#define DATEBOOK_VERSION   datebook_v1
#define DATEBOOK_EVENT   "untimed_event"
#define DATEBOOK_BEGIN   "start_time"
#define DATEBOOK_END   "end_time"
#define DATEBOOK_ALARM   "use_alarm"
#define DATEBOOK_ADVANCE   "alarm_advance"
#define DATEBOOK_ADV_UNIT   "advance_unit"
#define DATEBOOK_REPEAT_TYPE   "repeat_type"
#define DATEBOOK_REPEAT_FOREVER   "repeat_forever"
 Does the repeat have an end?
#define DATEBOOK_REPEAT_END   "repeat_end"
#define DATEBOOK_REPEAT_FREQUENCY   "repeat_frequency"
#define DATEBOOK_REPEAT_DAY   "repeat_day"
#define DATEBOOK_REPEAT_WEEK_START   "repeat_week_start"
#define DATEBOOK_EXCEPTIONS   "exception_count"
#define DATEBOOK_EXCEPTION   "exception_list"
#define DATEBOOK_NOTE   "note"
#define DATEBOOK_CATEGORY   "category"
#define DATEBOOK_KVP_PATH   "datebook/exceptions"
 see QOF or alioth for information on this macro.
#define ENUM_ALARM_UNIT(_)   _(advMinutes,) _(advHours,) _(advDays,)
 Units to measure the digit entered in alarm_advance.
#define ENUM_MONTH_DAYQ(_)


const gchar * repeatTypesasString (enum repeatTypes n)
void repeatTypesfromString (const gchar *str, enum repeatTypes *type)
const gchar * alarmTypesasString (enum alarmTypes n)
void alarmTypesfromString (const gchar *str, enum alarmTypes *type)
const gchar * DayOfMonthTypeasString (enum DayOfMonthType n)
void DayOfMonthTypefromString (const gchar *str, enum DayOfMonthType *type)
static QofDateBookdatebook_create (QofBook *book)
 Create a datebook object in QOF.
static gboolean datebook_getEvent (QofDateBook *d)
static QofTime * datebook_getBegin (QofDateBook *d)
static QofTime * datebook_getEnd (QofDateBook *d)
static gboolean datebook_getAlarm (QofDateBook *d)
static gint datebook_getAdvance (QofDateBook *d)
static const gchar * datebook_getAdvanceUnit (QofDateBook *d)
 Uses ENUM_ALARM_UNIT to convert to a string.
static const gchar * datebook_getRepeatType (QofDateBook *d)
static gboolean datebook_getRepeatForever (QofDateBook *d)
static QofTime * datebook_getRepeatEnd (QofDateBook *d)
static gint datebook_getRepeatFrequency (QofDateBook *d)
 How often to repeat.
static const gchar * datebook_getRepeatDay (QofDateBook *d)
static gchar * datebook_getRepeatWeekStart (QofDateBook *d)
static gint datebook_getExceptions (QofDateBook *d)
static gchar * datebook_getDescription (QofDateBook *d)
static gchar * datebook_getNote (QofDateBook *d)
static gchar * datebook_getCategory (QofDateBook *d)
static double datebook_getDuration (QofDateBook *d)
static gboolean datebook_check_repeater (QofDateBook *d)
static void datebook_set_repeater (QofDateBook *d, gboolean e)
static void datebook_setEvent (QofDateBook *d, gboolean e)
static void datebook_setBegin (QofDateBook *d, QofTime *qt)
static void datebook_setEnd (QofDateBook *d, QofTime *qt)
static void datebook_setAlarm (QofDateBook *d, gboolean e)
static void datebook_setAdvance (QofDateBook *d, gint e)
static void datebook_setAdvanceUnit (QofDateBook *d, const gchar *e)
static void datebook_setRepeatType (QofDateBook *d, const gchar *type_label)
 Uses ENUM_REPEAT_LIST to convert to an enum value.
static void datebook_setRepeatForever (QofDateBook *d, gboolean e)
static void datebook_setRepeatEnd (QofDateBook *d, QofTime *qt)
static void datebook_setRepeatFrequency (QofDateBook *d, gint e)
static void datebook_setRepeatDay (QofDateBook *d, const gchar *e)
static void datebook_setRepeatWeekStart (QofDateBook *d, gchar *e)
 Set the day to start the week from the locale name.
static void datebook_setExceptions (QofDateBook *d, gint e)
static void datebook_setDescription (QofDateBook *d, gchar *h)
static void datebook_setNote (QofDateBook *d, gchar *h)
static void datebook_setCategory (QofDateBook *d, gchar *n)
static gint datebook_unpack (QofEntity *ent, gpointer user_data)
static gint datebook_pack (QofEntity *ent, gpointer user_data)
 pack the entity into a Palm datebook record
static gint datebook_appinfo_unpack (QofEntity *ent, gpointer user_data)
 unpack the application information.
static gint qof_datebook_free (QofEntity *ent, gpointer user_data)
static const gchar * datebookPrintable (gpointer instance)
gboolean DateBookRegister (void)


static QofLogModule log_module = "pilotqof-objects"
static QofDateFormat df = 0
 Get the locale name of the day to start the week.
static QofObject datebook_object_def
static PQPack datebook_pack_def

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