qof-expenses.c File Reference

Detailed Description

QOF expense implementation for pilot-link.

Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk>

Definition in file qof-expenses.c.

#include <stdlib.h>
#include <glib.h>
#include <glib/gprintf.h>
#include <qof.h>
#include "pi-expense.h"
#include "qof-main.h"
#include "pilot-qof.h"
#include "qof-expenses.h"

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Data Structures

struct  PQCurrency_s
 Pilot-expenses currency data wrapper. More...
struct  QofExpense
 Wraps QOF around Expense_t. More...


#define QOF_EXPENSES_DESC   "Pilot-link QOF expenses"
#define EXPENSE_CREATOR   "exps"


typedef PQCurrency_s PQCurrency
 Pilot-expenses currency data wrapper.


static void populate_currencies (void)
 Populate the currency table with the known currencies.
static PQCurrencypq_currency_lookup (QofInstance *inst, gint currency_code)
static QofExpenseexpense_create (QofBook *book)
static const gchar * qof_exp_distanceAsString (enum ExpenseDistance distance)
static const gchar * qof_exp_paymentAsString (enum ExpensePayment payment)
static const gchar * qof_exp_typeAsString (enum ExpenseType type)
static enum ExpensePayment qof_exp_paymentFromString (const gchar *payment_string)
static enum ExpenseType qof_exp_typeFromString (const gchar *type_string)
static QofTime * exp_getTime (QofExpense *e)
static const gchar * exp_getType (QofExpense *e)
static const gchar * exp_getPayment (QofExpense *e)
static gint exp_getCurrency (QofExpense *e)
static QofNumeric exp_getAmount (QofExpense *e)
static const gchar * exp_getVendor (QofExpense *e)
static const gchar * exp_getCity (QofExpense *e)
static const gchar * exp_getAttendees (QofExpense *e)
static const gchar * exp_getNote (QofExpense *e)
static const gchar * exp_getDistance (QofExpense *e)
static const gchar * exp_getCategory (QofExpense *e)
static void exp_setTime (QofExpense *e, QofTime *h)
static void exp_setType (QofExpense *e, const gchar *type_string)
static void exp_setPayment (QofExpense *e, const gchar *payment_string)
static void exp_combine_currency_with_amount (QofExpense *e)
static void exp_setCurrency (QofExpense *e, gint code)
static void exp_setAmount (QofExpense *e, QofNumeric h)
static void exp_setVendor (QofExpense *e, gchar *h)
static void exp_setCity (QofExpense *e, gchar *h)
static void exp_setAttendees (QofExpense *e, gchar *h)
static void exp_setNote (QofExpense *e, gchar *h)
static void exp_setDistance (QofExpense *e, const gchar *distance_name)
static void exp_setCategory (QofExpense *e, gchar *n)
static gint exp_unpack (QofEntity *ent, gpointer user_data)
static gint exp_pack (QofEntity *ent, gpointer user_data)
static gint exp_pref_unpack (QofEntity *ent, gpointer user_data)
static gint exp_appinfo_unpack (QofEntity *ent, gpointer user_data)
static gint qof_exp_free (QofEntity *ent, gpointer user_data)
static const gchar * expensePrintable (gpointer instance)
gboolean ExpensesRegister (void)
 Register this object with QOF.


static QofLogModule log_module = "pilotqof-objects"
static GHashTable * PQCurrencyTable = NULL
 Currency Table data.
static QofObject expenses_object_def
static PQPack expenses_pack_def

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