pilot-qof.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Executable interface to the QOF external framework.

Copyright (c) 2005, 2006 Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk>

Definition in file pilot-qof.h.

#include <glib/gprintf.h>
#include "pi-buffer.h"
#include "pi-expense.h"

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Data Structures

struct  PilotPack_s
 Packing function wrapper. More...
struct  PQExp_s
struct  PQContext_s
 The pilot-qof context struct, extends qof_main_context. More...

Packing, unpacking and freeing wrapped objects.

QOF is wrapped around existing pilot-link structs. These objects have their own methods for writing to and reading from the Palm databases. Objects are packed before being written to the Palm, and unpacked to create new objects when the database is read.

Packing and unpacking are only used when connecting to the Palm.

The free_ent_func routines are used whenever any QofBook created from this framework is closed.

typedef gint(*) QofPack (QofEntity *ent, gpointer user_data)
 Packing function pointer type.
typedef PilotPack_s PQPack
 Packing function wrapper.
void pilot_entity_finaliser (QofBook *book, gpointer key, gpointer data)
 Free the wrapped object.
void pilot_qof_pack (QofEntity *ent, gpointer user_data)
 Pack this object.
void pilot_qof_unpack (QofEntity *ent, gpointer user_data)
 Unpack this object.
void pilot_app_unpack (QofIdTypeConst e_type, gpointer user_data)
 Unpack the database information.
gboolean pilot_qof_pack_register (const PQPack *p)
 Shamelessly copied from QOF.
const PQPackpilot_qof_pack_lookup (QofIdTypeConst object_type)
 provide for looking up an object


#define PQ_MOD_PILOT   "pilotqof-objects"
#define PQ_MOD_PILOT   "pilotqof-objects"
#define PILOT_QOF_LOG   "pilot-qof.trace"
#define PQ_MOD_CLI   "pilotqof-cli"
#define PQ_DLP_CARD   0
#define PQ_DLP_OFFSET   0
#define PQ_DLP_RECORD   0
#define PQ_DLP_NEW_REC   0
#define PQ_DLP_SET_ID   0
#define PQ_DLP_APPREAD   -1
#define PQ_DLP_APPREAD   -1
#define PQ_DLP_REC_ATTR   0
#define PQ_DEF_BUFSZ   0xffff
#define PILOT_LINK_SUPPORT   "0.12"
#define PQ_PREF_USE_BACKUP   1
#define PQ_PREF_USE_SIZE   0
#define PQ_PREF_VERSION   0


typedef PQExp_s PQExpensePref
typedef PQContext_s PQContext
 The pilot-qof context struct, extends qof_main_context.


void qof_cmd_hotsync (PQContext *context)
 Activate/HotSync and query the Palm, ignoring the offline storage.
void pilot_qof_close (void)
 Shutdown the QOF framework.
PQContextpilot_qof_init (void)
 Register all QOF objects.

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